PhpYellow Pro Edition™ is more than a software package.

It is a well-designed business tool that considers your time better spent managing other aspects of your business. So, it comes loaded with all the tools you need to make day-to-day site management a breeze. You can enjoy the rewards of your own fully monetized website without stress or technical know-how.

Below is a list of many of the features you’ll find, but they don’t tell the whole story about how you can turn this software into your personal cash cow. We’ll be happy to send you a fascinating white paper listing the 11 Easy Ways to Make Money Using phpYellow Pro Edition for free to your preferred email address.

PhpYellow Pro Edition Features:

Installation Included:

Get up and running quickly, no special know-how required.

Fully Monetized:

phpYellow Pro Edition comes loaded with features that make it easy to start an online money-making venture without additional software investment. Generate value for your customers, upsell higher rankings, sell custom mini-sites and more. Watch your customers renew year-after-year. Process payments easily using built-in Paypal capability. Take advantage of the 11 ways you can easily make money online with this powerful business tool. Great for startups or to add a host of new features to an existing website.

Open Source:

Makes modifications to your website easy by allowing total access to the source code. Want help? It’s easy to find PHP coders to work on your site. Even better, ask phpYellow’s development team at for a free estimate for your custom work.

SEO Optimized:

Get your website on Google and other search engines and move up the rankings quickly. Includes specific techniques that often result in each listing being indexed twice by Google and other engines. If you have 1,000 listings, you could have more than 2,000 displayed on Google. This is a trade secret and a phpYellow Pro Edition EXCLUSIVE!

Webmaster Dashboard:

The Webmaster Dashboard gives you easy access to most key features and a set of tools you control from one central panel. Everything you need to manage your customer listings—and more— is built into the software and controlled through the Webmaster Dashboard. No add-ons required.

Safe Webmaster Login:

Battle-tested administration login authentication provides superior frontline security by assuring that only those you authorize will be able to administer the site. Totally separate login from the customer dashboard.

Property Manager:

From the Webmaster Dashboard, Property Manager lets you see pending, approved and archived listings. Includes a display of listings queued and awaiting your approval. Can be configured to automatically approve every listing (not recommended) or to place new customer listings into the queue to be reviewed with this tool.

SEO Wizard:

An easy-to-use, built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management tool insures you get the highest possible rankings on Google and other search engines. Includes built-in ezSEO. Need fine-grained manual tuning? No problem. Manual edits are fully supported in this slick database-driven utility.

Popular Cities:

Localize your directory by adding cities in your local area. Include main city image, thumbnail, content about the city (see Wikipedia) and presto—you have made a directory that matches your local needs. Includes point and click tool to turn visibility on or off for any city. Script automatically displays listings directory for that city plus a zoom-able Google map. (City data is not included, but available for a fee. Please inquire for details.)

Umbrella Associations or Businesses:

Link into umbrella groups easily. Leverage the power of group affiliation with the ability to link into umbrella groups. Add your own groups, affiliations and associations—and customers listing in your directory can associate their listing with your group. Makes your site stickier. This feature is a phpYellow Pro Edition EXCLUSIVE.

Cool Listing:

Pick just one of your listings and select it as the “cool listing” featured on your home page. History keeps track of listings you have selected. Although there is no specific payment built in, you could charge your customer for this high-profile top spot on your directory - or give it away as a perk for your best customers.

Set Listing Expiration:

Need to set the new expiration date of a renewed listing? This tool does just that without struggling with manual calculations. It automatically credits the customer with any unused time by adding it to the new expiration date.

Generate Listings Geocode:

Listings use the Google mapping system to display a map of the business location. This is based on the street address of the business. The Geocode tool lets you click once to automatically fetch and save the exact geo location, 50 listings at a time. Geocodes are saved as latitude and longitude in the database to improve the Google mapping speed.


Most features are documented providing a fast, easy-to-use guide that can be searched by Table of Contents.


This is a built-in feature that allows you to run MySQL database commands right on the web. Useful for quick SQL changes by programmers. Secured. Reuses your query for fast edits.

Email Broadcast:

Lightweight tool you can use to send a blanket email to a group of email addresses. Paste in your email export list, add a subject line, content, and broadcast to hundreds. (Not intended for large datasets, is only for a few hundred addresses at a time. Use a dedicated email application or service for volume use.)


Make changes in the look and feel of your website easily. Editing the single CSS file that’s included with the software can make cosmetic changes on most pages. (Free-to-download CSS editor, suitable for an intermediate user, is available at

Database Driven:

Databases are fast, efficient and extremely reliable, much better than file driven applications. This software uses the free open source standard database called MySQL. You will find MySQL available FREE on better web hosts, making it a snap to run this software.

Free License Transfer:

Want to use a different domain name than one you’re using now? No problem. The licensed domain is transferable to another. You can sell your site to a bigger player with no hassles and there’s no cost to change owners of the software.

Listing Settings:

Listing Settings give you control over what listing types to offer, naming the listing types, and setting individual prices for each listing type. You may also set the number of listings allowed in a listing type. This can increase the value of your listing type and increase the value of listings made in that listing type.

Find Property:

Fast webmaster-only Dashboard search tool helps to locate a property (listing) quickly. Just plug in the property id—shown with each listing—and pull up that listing for edits.

Category Manager:

The Webmaster Dashboard includes a dedicated tool to manage categories offering a clean interface to view, edit or delete categories. Intelligent scripting also updates listings using the old category name and updates them to use the new category name.

Quick Submit:

Through the Webmaster Dashboard you can instantly submit any new listing with as much or as little data as you want. Perfect for that fast add of a new listing. Script automatically approves whatever you submit. One short form does it all.

Import CSV File:

Import any data file including Excel or other popular sources. Simply export the document to CSV (comma separated values with a new line after each record) and create listings from your own data. View the newly added listings by browsing your directory’s recent.php webpage. Made a mistake importing? No worries, the script has a rollback feature. Just click to roll back your import to the last working state.

Configure Settings:

A real time saver, Webmaster Dashboard tool lets you pull up all your directory default settings and make changes on the fly. Includes payment, search, database connection, Google map key and other directory software settings. Click one button to save.

Group Delete:

Have spam in the new listings queue? Nuke it all with the Group Delete tool. Supports wildcards. You can delete faster than the spammers can spam. They’ll never know what hit them.

Optimize Database Tables:

If a table becomes unresponsive or produces data you don’t want to see (extremely infrequent), get back on track quickly with a simple command to run the MySQL database table optimizer. This tool gives you one click access to fixing all tables automatically.

Database Cleaner:

Managing your listings may result in bits of unused data. For example, you delete a customer account but don’t delete their listing details. Weed out those unused bits of data with this tool. Run a tight ship and use this tool to manage those records with a simple point and click. You can even clean tables globally with just one click.

Describe Tables:

This Webmaster tool displays the output of a MySQL command to show all table structures. Useful if you are doing custom script changes to the software.

Email Export:

Lightweight email management tool to allow you to export email addresses in your directory, remove duplicates, and add a comma between each email address. With just one click you can generate a list to use with your Email Broadcast tool—or import to an email service.

Too Many Features to List:

There are many more features in phpYellow Pro Edition software. Space does not permit us to list them all here. But you’ll be happy to discover that your directory software has ALL the tools you need to make your business successful and easy to manage —plus more.

There is nothing else on the market today that offers such utility and power at such a great price. For $499.95 you can put yourself at the head of your own Internet business and watch your bank account balance improve. Don’t just dream about it.

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